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Welcome to the Beyond Cancer Charity website which will keep you up to date with our activities and how our fundraising is helping to support those with a cancer diagnosis and their families.  We also hope to provide you with information about available services that provide a range of practical and holistic care and support.
Annual Charity Ball
UPDATE - March 2021
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Promoting Screening

We are highlighting the importance of screening programmes.  Early diagnosis provides us with the best chance.  For more information visit the links on our page.

What is screening ?

Screening means testing people for early stages of an illness before they have any symptoms.  If you are concerned about any symptoms listed on the following pages, don't delay - See your GP



If you would like to make a regular donation, click on the image below to download our standing order form.  


Alternatively, you could donate by cheque or postal order,  payable to Beyond Cancer and forward to:

Beyond Cancer,

P.O. Box 463,

Leeds LS17 1HQ

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