Fundraising Ball 28 May 2016 at The Marriott Hotel, Leeds

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 6th Beyond Cancer Annual Fundraising Ball on Saturday 28  May 2016.   Your continued support helped to make it another successful evening. Funds raised at the event will be shared between Beyond Cancer; to continue its work and The Yorkshire Cancer Centre towards purchasing the NanoKnife; a pioneering new cancer treatment for inoperable tumours. We will update you shortly on the total amount raised.

Guest Speaker Dr Alan Anthoney is a Specialist in gastro-intestinal cancer, neuroendocrine tumours.  Dr Anthony has been involved in the early development of two new drugs through Cancer Research UK sponsored trials.  He gave an insightful talk about his work and the findings of Cancer Research UK.

Guest Speaker Dr Alan Anthoney with Beyond Cancer Board Members, Isola Blair and Pat Case

The "Carol Thomas Listening Ear and Hands that Hold Award" was awarded this year to Janet Freckleton in recognition of the support she has given to others with a cancer diagnosis, whilst coping with her own personal journey.


"I would just like to take this opportunity of congratulating you all on the success of your 5th Annual Charity Ball.  I was honoured to be invited and would just like to take this moment to say a big THANK YOU to all of you from my heart for awarding me with the Carol Thomas award.

It was an absolutely wonderful surprise and made more special as the award is in memory of Carol Thomas and her legacy and to receive it from  her husband and daughters.

I would just like to say Thank you again for this 'recognition' because I have enjoyed been a part of cancer support."


God Bless, Janet 

Ball Programme

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Table setting

Back by popular demand, The Abbey Grange Soul Academy

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Presentation of flowers to some of our regular donators

Beyond Cancer Board Members